what to expect:

Our carefully selected instructors are experts in the industry, so there’s no need for a regimented & repetitive program or strict music guidelines.
We encourage creativity, meaning that no two rides are ever the same. Be prepared for the same classic quality you expect from a spin class, with a modern twist. Should you complete a ride with an instructor that doesnt quite suite your tastes, let us know, and we'll recommend someone who fits your style.

Included with all rides are SPD-KEO clip in shoes (mandatory), towel service, as well as cold citrus towels for post ride. We also offer lockers (with electronic locks), change rooms and full shower facilities fully stocked with Skoah shampoo, conditioner, blow dryers, flat irons & lotions. Don't forget to hit our eucalyptus infused steam room after class!

If it's your first time taking a spin class, we have you covered. Remember to show up a little bit early, and our friendly front desk staff can give you the grand tour, and make sure you are clipped into your shoes properly and know how to set up the bike. Be sure to hydrate, and have a small snack 1 hour to 30 minutes prior to exercising. 

Free parking (and plenty of it) is available at Pearce Estate Park, which is less than one block away from Stax. Our convenient signs will guide you there. 

While services are non-refundable, we do value your feedback. Feel free to chat with our front desk staff, or send an email to

class registration:

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class to avoid losing your spot to someone on standby. Doors CLOSE 2 minutes prior to class start time to ensure everyone has adequate time to safely set up their bikes.  
  • Classes are subject to availability due to online reservations. You can register for a class in both the Mindbody App or through our website. Sign up early, and you'll never have an issue.
  • To reserve your specific bike prior to class, utilize our web-based sign up. If you wish to change the bike that you have reserved, you will either need to cancel from the class and re-register, or, talk to our front desk staff before class. Phonecalls for changing bike reservations will not be accepted. Those registering with the Mindbody app cannot reserve a bike ahead of time, however, our front desk staff will help you select your bike when you arrive for your class. If you signed up in Mindbody and decide you want to reserve your bike, please cancel your class and head to our website to register.
  • We understand plans can change. Class registration can be cancelled by a client, with no penalty, prior to 2 hours before class start time. Please cancel through the Mind Body App, or through the Stax website.
  • Cancellation policy: No-shows and late cancels (within 2 hours of class start time) who have our Monthly Unlimited, Rise & Grind or 2 Week Intro Pass will automatically be charged $15. Those with all other passes will loose the class on their account as if they had attended.
  • A 32 person wait-list is available for registration. Riders will be notified via email immediately when their spot opens up. If you know you cannot make the class, please exit the waitlist right away.


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