Why Summer is the Best Time to Start a Fitness Routine


Hello, summer. Is that really you?


Dare we say it, but summer is officially here. And we couldn’t be more excited! The sun is shining, the patios are open and we are ready to get out of hibernation and start moving.


Summer time one of the best times to start being more active. Here are five reasons why.


Longer Days Means No More Excuses

In the winter, it is tempting to stay in with a hot drink and comfort food. But when the sun sets later in the day, you have more time to hit up an early evening spin class AND the patio. The balanced life is made from cardio and cocktails.


Beach Season Is the BEST Motvation!

Summer in Calgary is sneaky and short, so prepare to hit the beach any time and feel fabulous by hitting up a few classes each week.


Time to Mix it Up

If you’ve been doing the same routine all winter, it might be a good time to switch up your work out, surprise your body and find your results event quicker.


Make New Resolutions

If you gave up your New Year’s Resolutions by January 10 like the rest of us, spring/summer is good time to renew your commitment to your health and fitness.


No Better Time Than the Present

Really, it doesn’t matter what time of year you start your fitness and healthy eating routine because there is no better time than now to get healthy and fit.