Stax Stories: Lisa’s Spin Journey

Stax Stories: Lisa’s Spin Journey


Our riders are the reason we started Stax, and they are the reason we continue to create challenging, inspiring and motivating classes. So when we get stories from our riders reaching new limits, both physical and mental, we want to share them.


Lisa, one of our devoted morning riders, went from rarely exercising to sweating 3-4 times per week on the bike! We are incredibly proud of the progress she’s made so far. Here is her spin journey.


I remember my first day at Stax. I was supposed to go with a friend, and when she cancelled on me, I immediately wanted to cancel as well. I was nervous, which is why I picked the 6:00 AM class. I knew that it wouldn't be as busy. I'm not sure what made me still go that morning but I'm sure glad I did. 


I was instantly greeted with smiles, a tour of the facilities and a Stax regular immediately helped me set up my bike. It was such an open and inviting atmosphere from the moment I walked in the door.


Emily was so motivating in that class that I felt like I could take on the world afterwards. I signed up for the Drop it Low for JLo concert, all I had to do was ride 200 km in 45 days. I remember Em saying "Why not sign up, anyone can do it!", and I thought to myself “why not?”


This is where my spin journey began.


I had been struggling for so long to find an exercise regime that I enjoyed and fit into my busy schedule. I decided to continue with the 6:00 AM classes. Initially my goal was to go to three classes per week, but as I got better and noticed my progression and endurance increasing that went up to four times per week, then five!


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One of the best things about Stax is its family feel. I look forward to the 6:00 AM classes with the rise and grind crew. I love spending the mornings with them whether it’s crowding around the mirrors post spin, laughing with each other, taking silly boomerangs or sipping champagne to celebrate our accomplishments. They help keep me accountable and I’m not sure I would have made it through the JLo challenge or persevered the way that I did without them every step of the way.


I am now officially down two pant sizes and 15 lbs with no plans of stopping. I’ve decreased the amount of coffee I drink and can make it through the day without a nap. We just went into Savage Season which has pushed my limits and allowed me to reach new goals. I completed 23 km for my first time and felt completely elated walking out of the studio, pushed myself to try 5lbs weights and just completed a ride on the podium bike.


All of this with my Stax fam cheering me on!