A Letter To Our New Riders



 Dear New Rider,


Whether you are new to spin or new to Stax, we thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone and sharing your beautiful and infectious energy with us.


You are what makes Stax great.


Your drive. Your determination. Your desire.


We know that starting something new can be scary. You decided to start that fear down, clip in and give it everything you have.


As a studio and a community, we respect and honour that decision.


We commit to creating an environment where you feel welcomed and a part of something bigger. We commit to providing a challenging workout that pushes you to new limits. We commit to supporting and encouraging you as you move through your spin journey.


We commit to you.


It is because of you that Stax exists.


We are grateful that, on any given day, you could be doing anything you want and you choose to sweat with us. You choose to be a part of this community. You choose Stax.


And for that, we are humbled and honoured.


Thank you,


Your Stax Fam