Workout or Worship: Why Do You Spin?


Most of you have likely access to a stationary bike, and a large portion of those stationary bikes are probably accessible to you free of charge, perhaps in your office building or condo gym.

But you go to spin...

To ride with others in a dark room.


Because more happens in that dark room than just moving your legs. So, why do you spin? Do you spin for the workout, or the worship?

Let us explain.

The Workout

We can all ride a bike especially a stationary one. So why come to a spin to do it? You come for the intensity, motivation and accountability.

Getting on a bike on your own to do some cardio and it looks a little like this:

“K, I’m gonna do 35 minutes!”

(5 minutes in)

“30 minutes is pretty good.”

(5 minutes later)

“That’s just two 10-minute halves, four 5-minute quarters.”

(After that 5 minute quarter)

“OK, if I go super hard for the next 10 minutes, that would be like doing 15 minutes”

(2 mins later)

“Ok, that should do it?!? I’m done!”

When you compare that to an average 600-calorie burn from a 50-minute spin class, well, there is no comparison.*

(*disclaimer if your spin studio is not providing this please upgrade your spin provider*)

When your instructor/teacher/motivator constantly encourages you, challenges you and tests your limits with tension add-ons and versatile choreo while playing bumpin , tthe reason you enter that dark box and move those legs like the road runner.

The Worship

What do we mean by worship?

Our crazy spin instructors will make you say to your spin buddy, “If they are like this on Tuesday at 9:00 AM, what the heck are they like on Saturday night in the middle of the dance floor?”

Here’s what we mean by worship:

- When instructors put on that mesmerizing performance that moves you through moments of “WTF!” to “F*ck Ya!”

- When instructors motivate you from “I can’t feel my legs” to “I can jump over tall buildings"

- When you break down physical barriers to find breakthroughs that are so powerful they bring you to tears.*

(*again disclaimer if your spin studio is not providing this please upgrade your spin provider*)

There is something magical that happens in the spin room. While there is an initial draw to the anonymity of the dark room and the back row, the energy from every body moving in synchronization creates electricity.

You will be taken on a journey that should make you sing along, dance, sweat and dig to a level of grit and grind that you couldn’t or wouldn’t find outside of that space. Sharing that energy with your fellow riders is what creates the community.

So if you are showing up for the workout, you won’t be disappointed. You may even find yourself letting those walls come down and letting the good vibes move you. If you signed up for the worship, soak it up and stay tuned for that body reap the physical benefits.