Why We Spin: Stories from Our Stax Fam  



It’s no secret that absolutely love our spin family at Stax, and we like to feature our riders every now and then to celebrate them and the success they’ve enjoyed since starting their spin journey with us.


Michelle Harvey and Tami Pretty


Michelle and Tami are two of the OG’s of Stax. Excited to have a spin studio close to home, they began their spin journey with us when we opened. And in that time, these ladies have pushed themselves and each other to new limits - and have inspired us all. We asked them why they continue to spin with us. Their answer: an overall vibe of awesomeness. We’ll take that.


“We love the studio, the lights, music, candles, swag and, of course, the instructors. We love being pushed past our limits with motivating, enthusiastic and skilled instructors. But what keeps us coming back every week is the Stax family. There is no community like it. Each person who works at Stax has treated us like we are the most important clients they have, and while we don’t believe that’s reserved just for us, it makes us feel incredible. Stax genuinely cares about their clients and their fitness journey.”


The ladies also give props to the classes, which we have tried to make the most challenging in the city. Calling it a “butt-kicking workout with skilled instructors while providing a fun, party-like environment.”


“Stax is more than just spin.  It has become a network of friends with whom we look forward to spending 50 minutes a couple of times a week.  Stax is inspiring in the way each person looks out for everyone and empowers the community.  We look forward to our spin classes and feel fortunate that we can spin – that we get to spin – and most importantly, that we get to spin with our new friends in our favourite studio… Stax.”


Mary Hope


Sometimes returning to a fitness regime after a serious injury, like a torn ACL, can be tough. But Mary has committed to staying in shape and strengthening her knee with spin.


“Prior to tearing my ACL I had partially torn it a few times. A few years ago Steph Y told me all the benefits of doing spin so I gave it a shot. Because of her I was hooked and my life was changed forever!”


As a lifelong athlete, not being able to have a physical outlet was hard on Mary.


“The months after I tore my ACL I literally hit rock bottom. Once my knee was good enough to start biking again I jumped on that spin bike and haven’t looked back.”


Mary’s reasons for coming back to Stax every week? “So many things! Stax makes you feel like you are a part of a family. The instructors each have their own style, which makes every class different. My friend, Liz.The fact that I know she will make up for a class if she misses one pushes me to make every class we plan to go with each other.”


“I’m not gonna lie I’ve tried a lot of different fitness fads over the years. None of them have even come close to spin. What I’ve realized for myself is I need someone to push me or I get bored. Knowing that I can go to a class and get pushed as hard or harder than I would push myself on the field is what keeps me coming back.”


Liz Hoyeck


A force to be reckoned with, Liz started spinning after her friend Mary recommended it. She instantly loved it.


“Everyone is there to work hard, and the instructos are so much fun and push you past your own limits. When you think you can’t go harder, they tell you to ‘ADD!”. You secretly hate them and love them for it. And if you disappear and don’t show up for a while, they also hold you accountable.”


Liz now uses spin as training for her IRONMAN Triathalon!


Nicolette Jones


Nicolette, like many of us at Stax, disliked the idea of sweating it out alone on a cardio machine at the gym. But as a health and wellness coach, she knows how important those cardio workouts are to our overall fitness.


Nicolette came to Stax after a tough personal situation. She says that “[spin] allowed her the confidence again, and seriosuly unleash my inner badass. I loved making friends with the members and instructors. I don’t think anyone knows how much they contributed to mending my broken heart.”


Like many of our riders, Nicolette enjoys being part of the Stax family. “I honestly became friends with almost every instrcutor. I just LOVE everyone there!”


Chantelle Darowski


For Chantelle, Stax is all about those post-spin vibes and the “fast-paced, ever-changing workout that pushes you past every barrier you may have thought you have.”


Chantelle believes that spin pushes you out of your comfort zone. It changes you mentally and physically. It can help you break through some fears and hang ups. And the best part for Chantelle? Getting to “work towards a goal alongside a group of amazing people on their own spin journey with ZERO judgement of anything.”


“Stax is more than a check in, grab shoes, clip in type of studio. Even if it’s your first class every, you re greeted like a seasoned pro. And there are no shortage of smiles and high-fives.”




Spin isn’t just about the workout. It’s about the friends you make after class over a well-deserved beer. It’s about the mental preparation before class. It’s the experience you have with our front desk staff and instructors. Our goal is to make to you feel like you belong to the Stax family; enjoy a challenging workout in fun, relaxed atmosphere; and you leave feeling inspired, encouraged and challenged. We will push you to your limits, but we will celebrate hard when you break your barriers. We never ride alone at Stax. We ride as a collective.


Thank you so much to Michelle, Tami, Liz, Mary, Nicolette and Chantelle for allowing us to share their stories.