Healthy, Fit and Fabulous: Staying Healthy Throughout the Holiday Season


Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. Great, now that we got that song stuck in your head, let’s talk about staying healthy during the holidays. Between the rummed-up eggnog, Christmas cookies and multiple holiday dinners, staying healthy during the holidays can be hella challenging. So we’ve put together a super quick guide to help you stay healthy (and obviously fabulous) this holiday season.


 Ho! Ho! Hydration!

Combine Calgary’s dry weather and a busy holiday season, and you have a lethal combination. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated through the Christmas shopping, family gathering and awkward office parties. And if you need some hydration inspiration, grab yourself a Stax water bottle and get “dranking”.


The Nourished Noel

Balance the chocolate and ‘nog with lots of veggies and water. Make it easy to stay nourished by prepping a bunch of healthy meals every week. If you need some recipe inspiration, here are some of our favorite food bloggers: Cruelty Free with Me, Minimalist Baker, Cookie and Kate. Also we love Chef’s Plate if you are running short on time during the week!


In Exercise Deo

Don’t forget to move your body! Do whatever makes you feel good: lift weights with our friends at CityFit, run a few miles around the Bow River, throw a few punches at Sweat Science or join us for a ride on the bike! (Psst, your first class is free, and you can sign up here.)



Holidays can be super stressful, and sharing a laugh (and a drink) with friends and family can take the edge off.


Hark! Do Something Good

Being generous can make you happier and healthier. Whether you volunteer somewhere, donate to a worth cause or even start your own holiday charity campaign, being kind and generous will keep the Christmas spirit alive in the community!

At Stax, we are launching our very own holiday charity campaign called STAX GIVES BACK. On Saturday December 16, we will be hosting a morning full of incredible team-taught rides! Come with a minimum $10 cash donation, and we will provide the dance party on the bike. All the proceeds from the morning will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Southern and Central Alberta. So get a jumpstart on doing good this holiday season, and join us as STAX GIVES BACK.