On the Road to Spin Stardom: How Stax Instructors Made The Leap

On the Road to Spin Stardom: How 4 Stax Instructors Made The Leap

Just in case you missed it, here’s the big news: Stax is hosting instructor training in September!!! Yes, so if you’ve been spinning for a while and having thought about moving your energy to the front, like the very front, of the room, this is your chance to show us what you’ve got! And to give you a little inspiration, we talked with a few of Stax’s instructors to let you in on what it takes to conquer instructor training.

Dominica N.


I found spin in London, England when an instructor from the barre studio I worked front desk for began teaching at Psycle London. I genuinely thought I was going to puke, but I couldn’t wait to book another class. Being a former athlete, I used to associate exercise with work and pain but never fun, until that moment. The music and the lights made me feel as if I was in a club (and probably the upset stomach a little as well haha).

I taught spin for close to a year before coming to Stax. I was about to quit as I no longer felt joy from teaching until I stumbled into the studio one day and knew that this was what it was supposed to feel like. The fun atmosphere and equally fun team made me fall in love with spin again.

I’ve learned that you don’t need to be a hard-ass to motivate. I’ve found the most effective way to do so is to be supportive and encouraging, rather than demanding. I’ve carried this into many other aspects of my life.

Steph H.


I discovered spin a few years back when my girlfriend became an instructor at One Cycle. I was “cocky” going into the class thinking it was just going be like riding a bike, I was sadly mistaken and kicked my ass. The only thing positive I had to say at the time is that the music was great, the lights were awesome and the boys were cute. 

I met Katie and Emily at Roosevelt while I was serving their table. Little did I know, it was the opening dinner night for the studio so all the instructors and team members were in. I started to have some laughs and enjoy their company so much, when they offered me the position to do Karma Program I couldn’t resist. After 4 years of my first spin class ever, I attempted it one more time. My attitude was different towards spin… must of been the studio. Clients that were coming into the studio and people that knew me, were telling me to instruct. At first I laughed and said “no way”, then once I became better at it, i said “why not”. I wanted to be part of the team even more after falling in love with spin.

Stax has taught me to walk into a room being a BOSS. Making the energy shine through words of inspiration. Push people to their goals through great music and purpose. Describing the feeling of what type of ride you're going to have or emotion. It taught me to be a leader with my personality and energy. Having numerous amount of bodies all in one room at the start of the class and walking out feeling like we are all one, has been my favourite part . All of this, will live with me, carry with me and especially grow with me as I get older. I couldn’t thank Stax enough for making this happen.

Steph Y.


I was always doing a variety of fitness classes and always wanted more or the next best thing! I found spin at a small neighbourhood gym. It was a push I've never felt. My mind and body felt challenged and I wanted more! I started checking out actual spin studios and fell in love! The room, energy, music, bikes etc I was hooked off that spin high!!

I started teaching spin at a smaller gym and it was nothing like the spin studios I wanted to be at. I knew I wanted to be at a spin studio.

One night out I met Yannick, a good friend of Katie and Emily. And a former instructor at Stax who ended up moving to Edmonton. He told me his besties were opening up a spin studio and I should check it out. I was super pumped and wanted to be a part of a spin studio that hasn't even opened up yet! I got in touch with K & E and went from there! I was for sure intimidated but knew I wanted to do it. K & E told me they are looking for the best of the best creative individuals! Oh hell yeah I knew I wanted to be a part of Stax! I’m so happy I met Yannick or else I wouldn't be at Stax!

Since teaching spin I've learned every ride will always be different and it starts from your mind, motivation and attitude. It challenges you every time you turn that dial up. I feel like if your not pushing or into it you're cheating your spin ride. I love motivating people to go for their full 100% potential and enjoy the ride!

Clay M.


Spin found me when i was going through the hardest time of my life. No matter how hard my day at work was, and how challenging life outside of work was, good spin instructors always found a way into my head and heart for those 50 glorious, sweaty minutes. I began to really value the effort they put into the playlist and the way they motivated riders throughout the class.

I was approached by Stax to audition to be an instructor. In the back of my mind it was something I always thought I could do, but I didn’t ever seriously consider becoming an instructor until I was asked. To me, it was a sign from the universe, so I decided to give it a try and I never looked back.
Since becoming an instructor I am much more aware of the different levels of ability of the riders that attend classes. We’re all in the room for different reasons, but one thing that is constant is the shared energy. That acknowledgement of shared energy has impacted the way I shape my playlists, the way I encourage riders to push themselves and the way I carry myself inside and outside of the studio.

Questions? Shoot us an email at hr@staxcycleclub.com for more information on our training programs!


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