Ride The Roof with Mel G & Shane

Ride The Roof with Mel & Shane


We are so damn lucky to have some of the best instructors in the city ride with us every single week. From their bad-a$$ playlists and pumped up attitudes to their massive hearts and commitment to our community, our instructors make Stax what it is and why so many of you spin with us. We want to celebrate these fabulous friends and get to know them a little bit more.

We are featuring two incredible instructors: Mel G. and Shane F. If you have ever spun with either of these two, you know you’re in for a party and a good sweat. Read more about these guys and what inspires them.
First, here’s a little story. A month ago, Shane and Mel represented Stax at the incredible event, Ride the Roof. On June 24, 10 spin studios in Calgary joined forces on the Calgary Marriott rooftop for three 100-bike spins classes held throughout the evening. All the proceeds from the event went towards our friends at Love for Lewiston and Treeraco.
Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

I’m a middle-aged, single and ambitious man, with my eye on the prize! It’s called success, and I don’t plan on stopping until I get to where I want to be! I’m always on the move, hustling and striving to accomplish goals.
I’m currently working as an Account Manager in the oil and gas industry, downtown Calgary for my primary job. Of course Stax Cycle Club (the best spin studio around) is one of my other homes away from home! I love the people, the energy and the sweat! I couldn’t ask for a better environment to be in. Aside from work, I like to play (who wouldn’t)!? Drag racing, travelling, friend and family gatherings around a fire, sports and other outdoor activities… And of course I like my quiet time to read a book and relax.

I live in the moment and do what I want.  I am one the of the oldest instructors on the roster and if there is one amazing thing life has taught me is that you don’t have to do “all the things”, you certainly don’t owe anything to anyone and I am really good at saying “No”  :)  These life rules I live by have made a better (insert any role like daughter, friend, leader, etc) because I am 100% focused on who/what is in front of me and I am enjoying the moment.  

How long have you been a spin instructor?

I officially started instructing on my own on April 11, 2017!

First time I stepped on that podium was September 2013.  To this day I have never done anything that made me feel scared, exhilarated and so damn proud.  By the way, it feels like 10yrs and 1 day all the same time XO

How did you come to teach spin at Stax?

They conned me into it! CityFit is the gym that I train at, on the regular. So I saw Stax develop from its infancy stages, right from day one. I was definitely filled with curiosity to see what this place was going to be all about. I started chatting with Emily and Katie periodically as they came through. Fast forward a number of months after the it was completed and the doors being open, I was told to come try a class! I was not a spinner at this point in time (maybe one class 10 years ago in a bright YMCA fitness room…). Finally after a few sessions and becoming hooked, Emily and Katie asked me the big question, “what do you think about instructing?”. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly intimidated as I knew becoming an instructor was not a walk in the park. I agreed to try it after a little bit of poking and prodding… Fast Forward a few more months and well, here I am! Mel G deserves all the credit for the spin instructor skills I have today - she’s absolutely incredible!

I met Emily three years at a different spin studio in downtown YYC.  I used to call her “Coach” because I learned so much from her and she was such a boss leader.  Katie came to one of classes and told me she really liked one song I played that back then maybe 1 out 100 people would know about - loved her instantly.  So when these babes told me they were opening their own studio … I felt the goosies, heart skipped a beat and with a big smile on my face I jumped on board.

How does spin inspire your everyday life?

I’m all about being better every single day. Whether it’s by a millimeter or a mile. I know spin will help me with this. Even if I’ve had a crappy spin workout, I still made it there, I still burned more calories than I would have if I didn’t go at all, I just became physically AND mentally stronger.

In countless ways, let me list a few:  When things get hard, that’s your opportunity to dial up and break down walls.  Feeling a little tired?  Turn up the music and smile at all of your blessings.  And my favourite; you are never alone.  There is an entire community cheering and clapping for you to get a little stronger, a little faster and a whole lot more magnificent!

What inspires you most about your community?

The way everyone works together. We as humans naturally thrive of everyone around you and their energy! This is what helps us go further in every aspect of life - it pushes us. POSITIVE energy! It’s needed… My community is a community that creates that positive environment. It’s amazing!

The People.  The riders that wake up at 5am and wouldn’t think of putting their fitness goals on the backburner, the riders that sit back row and are a little shy but cheer the loudest.  The staff that run the studios and make everyone’s life easier, better and so much more fun!  My colleagues whom I learn from every time I take their class.  Although we are all naturally competitive, (Type A personality overload!  Haha!)  we will always have each other’s back in all ways possible.  We all have side hustles, (from doctors and lawyers, to yogis, finance & insurance and don’t get me started on all the fashion & design icons!) and help eachother grow our passions.  But most importantly, we help each other when we need a friend.


 You both were involved in the Ride the Roof event for Love for Lewiston. How did you get involved in this event? Why did you get involved?

Oh my goodness… This event was absolutely incredible. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that Mel and I had, to play an integral role at this event. It was such an unforgettable experience. So thank to Haley Zokol for inviting Stax to be a part of the event and BIG thank you to Emily and Katie for selecting Mel and myself to rep the Stax crew!
At that point of being invited, I didn’t know who Jess Janzen was, as I was still new to the spin world. I did my research to find out who she was and what the cause for the ride was. As soon as I found out, without hesitation I was 100% in on this.
We cheered, we laughed, we cried, we prayed… I made new friends and  lifelong memories. I am beyond ecstatic that I was involved with Ride The Roof Calgary!


What an honour to be involved in this event.  Stax Cycle Club was invited by Hayley Zokol from Lululemon and Co-Founders Emily Paton & Katie Ward chose Shane and I to represent our studio.  I repeat myself, what an honour.  

I first met Jess Janzen over 6 years ago - she is one of this city’s OG spin instructors and energy was on another level.  You fought to be in her class!  Our spin community is small and add social media into the mix - it’s hard not to know what is happening in everyone’s life.  
We all shared in Jess and Ronnie’s happiness and success.  We also shared their pain and loss when Lewiston left us.  The strength and grace that they showed was admirable.  
Needless to say, when the opportunity for me to be a part of this event came to light - I was all in.  


Do you have a quote or mantra by which you live life? If so, what is it?

Always stay hungry, never satisfied!

Your energy introduces you before you even speak.  I do believe in those 1st impressions!

If you could give a budding spin instructor some advice, what would it be?

Flip that mental switch. Find that leader mentality. OWN IT!


Don’t forget to breath ;)

All images provided by @radmencreative


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