Tori H

Tori H instructs the following:
  •   Exhilarating 40 min spin session with a 5 min cool down, perfect for those on the go.  What you can expect is to be up and out of your seat through sprints and climbs.  With motivational music to inspire you. We ditch the weights and keep the cardio bumping. Push yourself to new goals and break new boundaries during your lunch hour.

  • STAX 50
  • Stax 50 - It’s time to get lost in the rhythm of a hot new playlist, and we are here to deliver the ride you crave. Stax 50 is all about providing a high intensity, fun workout in an environment where our instructors are most creative. We motivate through our language and feeling descriptors and always ride to the beat of the music. Trap, Pop, EDM, Rap/Hip-Hop & Bounce...we play it all, so be prepared for a party on the bike with plenty of dirty drops and heavy bass. All Stax 50 classes include a weight track, full body choreography & safe upper body movements.