Stax 50 + TSS Team Teach

This class is taught by:

Steph Y

This fit chick could school the energizer bunny with her electric personality & high intensity tracks on the bike!


Marianne D

Your salt of the earth, blood in your veins, caffiene in your coffee kinda chick. We could write a novel, but we'll leave you with one fact: you need her in your life.


This fall, we've paired up our fav's at The Sweat Science
to build an Army of Strong Women.

We'll be grinding it out all month long with all the kick-ass, bad girl theme rides, guest instructors, and several feature rides with some of Calgary's most motivating & inspiring groups of women including The Ace Class, Big Girl YYC,
and the TKW Foundation! We'll also be team teaching selected Stax 50 rides with instructors from The Sweat Science, giving you 2 boxing focused weight tracks that'll ROCK. YOUR. WORLD!