Katie’s face may seem familiar to you as she’s usually the easiest one to spot from afar in the Cowboys Tent, or chilling out having a patio beer on 17th ave on any given Sunday... But this lady is much more than meets the eye (which, conveniently is a stunning, 6”4 athlete and fashionista). Katie is always up for a good time (she has a problem saying the word “no”) and has an amazing sense of humour (check out the Stax blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about). She is also a marketing & event planning extraordinaire, and loves to bring people together for a good time.

Lets just say it now and get it over with...Katie LOVES spin. Infact, after a high level basketball career (playing all over Canada, United States & Spain), she has decided that spin is simply the only cardio you can get her to participate in anymore!

The great thing about Katie is her balanced approach to life; “a little bit of this, a little bit of that” is the rule she lives by, and it allows her to curate each day perfectly with a little bit of Stax spin, a little bit of yoga, a little facial at Skoah, and a little bit of peach Ciroc to finish it all off with. Sounds like the perfect combination to me!

Author: Emily 


Meet Emily! She’s a born & raised Kiwi and moved to Canada when she was 15. She's got a solid athletic background, playing volleyball at both Mount Royal and University of Saskatchewan. Once completing her schooling, she kept up the activities; running and cycling in a variety of road races including the Ironman Relay.

After teaching spin, kickboxing & bootcamps at a few great venues in Calgary, Stax was the opportunity for her to put all of her spin knowledge and fellow favourite instructors together. She's bossy as hell, and nothing makes her happier then leading a whole room full of spinners through a kick-ass workout! If you find her in a class not instructing and just riding, she’s always the loudest one cheering and whooping it up!

Emily also has a commerce degree and it sure came in handy; she is the master of excel spreadsheets and marketing strategy, and we're proud to say that her OCD tendencies have finally been put to good use. She isn't all business though, she likes to have some fun too, and it usually starts with Pinot Noir & a few Mrs Vickies.

Author: Katie 






Your salt of the earth, blood in your veins, caffiene in your coffee kinda chick.  We could write a novel, but we'll leave you with one fact: you need her in your life.

What makes you motivated in the morning? 
Destiny is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice. Get up, dress up, show up & go hard, so when you get home, you got a reason to nap hard. 

How do you feel when you ride? Winded AF! Kidddinggg...To be honest? Honored! It's a super rad feeling. Fuelling a happy, healthy life with so many different people. All the positive vibes got your girl thriving.

Class style? Prison style. Heavy, hard riding infused with hype music and a splash of quick fancy choreo to keep you on your toes.

Rated: Explicit, 18+



Steph H


Mel G

A feisty latina + spicy beats + fierce attitude = what more could you want in an instructor? 

Describe your perfect day. 
C*ffee in the Morning… Swim in the Maldives, dry off in the sun, lunch in Paris, base jump off the Shanghai Tower and finish with a slice of pizza in Naples.  Wanna come?!  

What's your favourite music genre for class? EDM mixed with reggaeton and moombahton.

Cheat meal?
 Just one?  Dang, another tough call.  4-Maggi Pizza from Una – truffle oil, cheese, honey… yummm!

Class style? 
I can guarantee that you will finish breathless and with wobbly legs. My class style would describe me too; power and strength with a side a crazy ;)


Steph Y

This fit chick could school the energizer bunny with her electric personality & high intensity tracks on the bike!  

How do you feel when you ride? Unstoppable. The feeling of striving and wanting more out of each and every ride! Feeling like there is nothing in my way to stop me from getting to the next level of sweat! Whatever my day was like, I still go 110% because I know it's worth it!

Describe your class: I want that heart pumping, sweaty, adrenaline rush feeling! I want people to feel the intensity build before the beat drops in all kinds of EDM tracks! What makes me feel successful after my class is when everyone feels like they are on top of the world! I want the room to be filled with high frequency vibes and everyone to be leaving on a natural high!

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