Kick your cardio into high gear before the holiday festivities begin! Here at Stax, we pride ourselves on the fun, inviting community we have created, and we are committed to see you reach your fitness goals! While we strive to bring all the party vibes to your classes, we also work to make our classes as challenging as possible. This performance based challenge will not only get you to show up for class, but work harder than ever before!

This challenge runs November 1st - December 15th, 2017. Complete 400KM's throughout your classes at Stax during this time (approx 30 rides) , and you'll be entered to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas to see J-Lo live in concert!


400 kms sounds like a it actually attainable?
HECK YES! Our clients typically log 13-20km's a class, which means, most people will finish this challenge in under 30 classes! Remember, this is over 45 days, so is totally doable!

This sounds this for beginners?
Our classes are for all fitness levels. Each and every day you come to ride, you'll feel stronger and leaner! The fantastic thing about spin is that you push your own limits...the room is dark, so if you need to sit and take a break throughout class, you can!

I've seen a lot of fitness challenges around the city, what makes this one different?
Many fitness challenges are attendance based, rather than performance based. At Stax, we believe that just showing up everyday to put your sticker on a board is not enough. We encourage you to be present in the moment, to work hard at each and every workout, and to challenge yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

What type of pass do I need to participate?
See our Rates for a full summary of all of our passes. If you'd just like to purchase a single pass for the challenge, click link below! All participants will receive 15% off of all merch throughout the challenge.

Sign up below, or, put your name on the board yourself next time you are in!


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